big screen projector rental indianapolis outdoor cinema

20 x 12 Mega Inflatable Screen with 4000 Watt Sound System,
Projector, DVD Player, and FM Transmitter
(great for drive in style events)

20210626_204926_HDR (1).jpg
20210626_205948_HDR (1).jpg

$1000 for 1 movie
(Add $50 for a double feature)

22ft. Diagonal Inflatable Screen with 4000 Watt Sound System,
Projector, DVD Player

big screen projector rental sound indianapolis
movie screen outdoor rental indianapolis projector

$500 for 1 movie

(Add $50 for a double feature)

10 x 8 Inflatable Screen, Projector, 500 Watt Sound System

(great screen for indoors or outdoors)

movie screen inflatable rental projector sound system indianapolis

Monday through Thursday nights $250

Friday, Saturday and Sunday $285

sound system rental indianapolis big screen projector
outdoor movie screen rental indianapolis indiana
sound system rental projector movie screen fm transmitter

With all of our systems, we come to your event, set up the equipment, run it for you, then take it down following the event. There are some exceptions where we leave the equipment overnight but very rare. We also have an FM transmitter that can be used to create a drive-in experience if that is something in which you are interested. We work hard to maintain safety and make our customers happy with their event. We generally do need access to your electricity. We can bring a generator if need be for an extra charge. There is also an extra $50 dollar travel charge for locations over 50 miles from Greenwood, IN.

We look forward to working with you!

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